Is Drinking Distilled Water Safe?

Arguments against Drinking Distilled Water

  • Distilled water has a neutral pH, but it becomes acid because it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, so it cannot contribute to health benefits.
  • People who drink distilled water have a higher amount of minerals in their urine, so we can conclude that they will suffer from mineral deficiency at some point. Do you want to lose your calcium on a daily basis? And don’t forget that sodium is essential in your diet.
  • Distilled water is pure H2O, so it does not provide us with calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals.

Arguments for Drinking Distilled Water

  • Nature knows what is best for us, and it gives us distilled water in the form of rain to drink it. Notice that domestic animals, such as dogs, drink rainwater rather than tap water.
  • Distilled water does not wash out necessary minerals. For most people, calcium never makes it to the bones where it belongs. Instead, distilled water washes out the sediments of calcium and other minerals that remain in our blood vessels and cells.
  • When water contains minerals, they are not in a suitable form for effective absorption. Our body can work only with vitamins and minerals in traces.
  • The neutral/negative pH value is not a serious issue if people follow the correct diet.


There is nothing wrong with drinking distilled water because H2O cannot harm your body unless you happen to drink so much that your kidneys fail. Or that it gets stuck in tissue and inhibit the functions of your heart, brain, and other vital organs.

Also, you cannot prove the cause-effects relationship simply because people who drink distilled water have more minerals in their urine. The high level of minerals could mean that they are eating a lot of foods that have high levels of phytic acid. For example, soy is traditionally fermented to remove phytic acid because it can reduce mineral absorption and cause mineral deficiencies. So don’t touch that argument, you don’t know who made it up.

The acid value of water is also not a problem that would make it hazardous to drink. In fact, chances are that you will have more problems because of alkaline water because it neutralizes the gastric acid.

The only problem with the acid pH value of distilled water is that it does not complement the contemporary diet consisting of processed foods. So it is true that distilled water is not a problem as long as you maintain a healthy diet.

If you would like to experiment with drinking distilled water, visit your physician frequently to monitor your health. Also, try to distill your own water to ensure its purity. Most importantly, remember that different people can achieve different results with the same method simply because of the differences in biological constitution and lifestyle choices (think diet, smoking, sleeping habits, etc.), so be ready to quit if distilled water does not prove useful for your health.